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Quibi Apps Comes To TVs, 6 Months After Its Initial Launch


Troubled mobile-based streaming service Quibi is coming to televisions. The company has quietly launched native apps for Android TV, Apple TV, and Fire TV. However, this mobile-first service still requires you to sign up through a smartphone before you can watch Quibi episodes on your TV. Once you've set up a Quibi account, you can download the app for your TV and sign in with the same account. The platform still lacks support for Roku TV. Quibi launches native apps for TV platforms in a bid to attract more viewers Quibi has had a difficult entry into the streaming market. The platform, which derives its name from the term "quick bites," focuses on short-form, mobile-first content. Naturally, it initially arrived as a mobile-only

It's official: Quibi lasted about as long as one of its episodes


No matter which way you hold your phone, things don't look good Update Official When Quibi launched earlier this year, it sounded kind of cool. Episodes specifically designed for mobile viewing that automatically adjusted to however you were currently holding your phone? Sure, let's give it a shot! But unfortunately, Quibi never really took off. Now, the only episode left is a finale for the video streaming

Quibi reminds you it's not dead with new Android TV app


The service also debuts on Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV Quibi launched earlier this year as the streaming service intended for bite-sized entertainment while you're out and about with your phone, but now that many of us are at home far more often, that selling point hasn't helped the company much. The mobile apps already supported AirPlay and Chromecast support, but now Quibi has dedicated apps for several TV platforms. Even though Quibi seemingly hasn't announced them yet on its website or social media channels, the service has just released native applications for Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV. Read More Quibi reminds you it's not dead with new Android TV app was written by the awesome team at

This 55-inch TCL 4K Android TV is just $250 right now ($150 off)


A lot of TV for not a lot of money Google TV is the hot new TV platform on the street, but it's still based on Android TV, which isn't going anywhere. TCL is one manufacturer that produces smart televisions with Android TV built-in, and now you can get one of the company's 55-inch models for just $249.99 at Best Buy. The model on sale has three HDMI inputs, dual-band Wi-Fi support (plus an Ethernet connector), VESA mounting compatibility, Google Assistant, and of course, Android TV with the Google Play Store. Read More This 55-inch TCL 4K Android TV is just $250 right now ($150 off) was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

Hulu + Live TV: Price, Supported Devices, Channels, Cloud DVR & More


Hulu has been around for many years, but what's new is the Live TV portion of the service. Hulu Live TV is the company's streaming Live TV service, it offers over 65 channels for only $54.99 per month. Much like YouTube TV, Hulu Live TV was designed as a way for users to cut the cord from traditional cable companies, but still be able to watch their favorite shows on cable TV. The Live TV streaming service is in addition to the Hulu library, which has grown to be quite large over the last decade or so. Which arguably makes it one of the better options out there for streaming TV. Table of Contents What is Hulu

Here's the new BBC iPlayer app for Chromecast with Google TV (APK download)


It doesn't appear to work on other Android TV boxes, unfortunately BBC iPlayer has had a strange relationship with Android TV. There have been versions specific to certain hardware, such as the one for the Nvidia Shield or those you can get on Sony TVs, but there's still no generic version that works on any ATV device. This means no BBC iPlayer for the new Chromecast with Google TV, since that's just an ATV dongle with a fancy skin. Or so we thought. Read More Here's the new BBC iPlayer app for Chromecast with Google TV (APK download) was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

The Apple TV app is coming to Android TV, starting with select Sony models


Android can have a little Apple TV, as a treat Google may have introduced Google TV last month, but Apple TV has been around long before that. Problem is, there hasn't been any Apple TV Android app, and that includes for Android TV devices — at least, until now. Select Sony ATV models are beginning to receive an update that installs the Apple TV app, which includes access to Apple TV , Apple TV channels, new and popular movies, and personalized and curated recommendations. Read More The Apple TV app is coming to Android TV, starting with select Sony models was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

Realme unveils 4K Android TV with new SLED tech alongside 100W soundbar


Plus new earbuds, phones, and more announced at the Realme AIoT Conference Oppo spin-off Realme made its name as a budget smartphone maker in parts of Asia and Europe, but it has since ventured out to a bunch of other categories, ranging from smart TVs to truly wireless earbuds. With today’s announcement, Realme is further expanding its product line by adding the Smart TV SLED 4K, which is based on its proprietary backlighting tech, along with a 100W soundbar. There are also a whole lot of accessories, some IoT devices, and earbuds, following what the company teased last month. Read More Realme unveils 4K Android TV with new SLED tech alongside 100W soundbar was written by the awesome team at Android

Here's How You Can Install Google TV UI On Android TV


Google introduced a new Google TV UI with the new Chromecast during the recently concluded online event. Well, the standalone app of Google TV is available to download from the Play Store. However, the app itself neither brings any new features, not it does anything for Android TV devices. But in the future, all Android TV devices will slowly adapt to the new Google TV. There is a key difference between Android TV and Google TV. The latter heavily focuses on content recommendations from different streaming platforms. With the help of this feature, users can focus on watching more content instead of relying on dedicated apps of these platforms to look for content. For all those enthusiasts who wish to try out Google TV

Android TV, Google TV & YouTube TV: Google's TV Strategy Sound A Lot Like Its Messaging Products


Last week, Google announced the new Chromecast with Google TV. Leading up to the announcement, many of us thought that Google was rebranding Android TV (again) to Google TV. But nope. That's not the case. Google is doing the most Google thing ever, fragmenting its TV strategy. Now we have Android TV, Google TV and YouTube TV. Now it's arguable that YouTube TV doesn't really fit in there, other than the fact that it has "TV" in its name. But there are three "TV" products now in Google's ecosystem. And it sounds like something else Google has been doing lately. That is messaging. At one point, Google had nearly 10 different messaging services. It has started to thin some of those out,