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Creators Can Now Use AR Effects In Facebook Messenger and Portal


Facebook has extended the use of Augmented Reality (AR) effects to more people through Messenger and Portal. As reported by The Verge, up till now people have published 1 million AR effects on Facebook and Instagram but that is set to grow massively now. Facebook has worked on its AR effects for some time now its latest round of innovations recently emerging early in September. A focus on this will be a great relief to the high ups at Facebook. This is because it will detract from some of the scandals the company has faced in recent weeks. Most notably to the change to its user agreement which sparked anger amongst many users. Facebook will hope announcement like this will go some way

You Can Buy The Galaxy Tab S7 & S7+ Today


The world's first 5G-enabled tablet, the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7 are now available to buy. All three US carriers are selling the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7 . While, Best Buy and Amazon are selling the unlocked models. The Galaxy Tab S7 starts at $649. While the Galaxy Tab S7 is going to cost you $849. The 5G models will add on another $200. So that's $849 and $1049 respectively. Samsung's website is selling all models, the AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and unlocked versions. Carriers are offering smaller promotions on the Galaxy Tab S7 The carriers aren't offering any crazy promotions like BOGO. Instead, Verizon is offering $100 off when you trade in your current tablet. Which, let's

Google Search Presses On With New In-App Browser


Google search has come up with a new in-app browser as part of an update. As reported by Android Police, this looks like an attempt to bring yet another visual change to the design as Google tries some more innovation. A new in-app browser is not the only update that has come to Google Search in recent weeks. Firstly, the company started testing new background headers for specific search results. Then the service began delivering more 'high-quality information'. This looks like the company has aims to further innovate and update the search service. Whether the service actually needs all these changes and new updates is another matter. However, for some these refreshes will certainly be welcome additions. New in-app browser comes to Google

Security Flaws Plague U.S. Presidential Election Apps


It has emerged that security flaws have plagued US Presidential election apps. As reported by Tech Radar these issues could put users data and privacy at risk. The issue of security and big technology firms have already been at the center of this Presidential election. Facebook has launched a new election hub to make people more aware of registering to vote. However, there have also been reports that Twitter has become more journalistic in the run-up to the election. How the next few months play out in this regard could be fascinating. Security issues with campaign apps though are another worry. This could potentially harm the credibility of either candidate or the election as a whole. Vote Joe app may be leaking sensitive information It

Using Legos Is The New Best Way To Play Super Mario Bros.


Why play Super Mario Bros. the traditional way (with a controller like some casual) when you could play it with Legos instead? A user on Twitter who goes by the name @r1ckp (his real name is Rick), has done just that. Using his knowledgeable skills in coding and hardware hacking, he's taken the Lego Super Mario set and turned Lego Mario into the controller for an emulated version of Super Mario Bros. With a few key strokes, @r1ckp has effortlessly ascended into the upper echelon of gamers. Leaving behind the mere mortals that still use traditional gaming peripherals to enjoy their favorite games. The good news is that @r1ckp plans to share the code that allowed him to complete this fun little project.

TikTok Tries To Fight Its Ban By Enlisting Facebook's Help


In a move that no one expected, the CEO of TikTok has appealed to Facebook and Instagram for help fighting its ban. As reported by The Verge, TikTok’s interim CEO, Vanessa Pappas has asked for public support from the aforementioned companies. The story of TikTok's ban just keeps twisting and turning. Earlier in September, Oracle agreed a deal to acquire the social media company which looked to avert the ban on the company. However, after investigations into the deal, Trump's administration decided the deal did not meet their standards. As a result, this means the ban into TikTok will go ahead in September meaning that the app will disappear off app stores in the near future. Despite this, TikTok hopes to fight this

US Now Looking At Game Companies That Tencent Has Stake In


A new report from Bloomberg notes that the Trump administration is now looking at game companies which have dealings with Tencent, or that Tencent has stake in. This includes its 40-percent stake in Epic Games, and Riot Games. Tencent, which might be known best for its ownership of Riot Games, the creator of League Of Legends, also has stake in numerous other game companies. For mobile gamers, Call Of Duty: Mobile might be the most well-known. Activision is the publisher and Call Of Duty is an Activision-owned franchise. However, the game itself is not developed in-house. Tencent's TiMi Studios is actually behind the development. Meanwhile Activision simply handles all the marketing and promotion for the game. Tencent also has stake in Activision Blizzard

What Is Audible? Everything You Need To Know


Audible is a pretty popular service from Amazon. Allowing you to listen to your favorite audiobooks on the go, and even at home. But what exactly is Audible, and is it worth it for you to sign up for this service? In this guide, we will walk you through the ins and outs of Audible, explaining the different plans, the pricing, and why it is (or isn't) a great service. What is Audible? Audible is a service that offers "books on tape" as it was called, 25 years ago when it first launched. Nowadays it offers a lot of other content from TV, to podcasts, and much more. Making your membership even more impressive than ever before. When Audible first launched in 1995, it

Here's Your Best Look Yet At The New Google Chromecast With A Remote


Alongside the Pixel 4A 5G and Pixel 5 smartphones, Google is also expected to launch the successor to Chromecast Ultra on September 30. Despite constantly being in the leaks, there are no renders revealing the complete design of the new streaming dongle. Thanks to WinFuture, there are now a set of leaked renders of the new Google Chromecast with a remote. The new Chromecast device will do more than just streaming content from the smartphone. It is actually the company's first-ever standalone streaming device and comes loaded with full-fledged Google TV OS. As per the leaks, the company will also announce the rebranding of Android TV as Google TV during the same event. New renders reveal the design of the upcoming Google

U.S. Sees Average Internet Speed Rise During The Covid-19 Pandemic


On the whole, it has emerged that the average internet speed in the U.S. has risen since the start of the pandemic. As reported by WhistleOut, there has been some significant change to internet speeds across the country. Most of which have been on the up but not all. Many different factors affect the internet speeds one receives. Recently, studies into whether a WiFi router improves your internet speeds emerged, yielding some surprising results. At the start of 2020, we also found some of the best apps to test your internet speed on your phone. WhisleOut covered over 700,000 internet speed tests and amalgamated them in order to come to their results. They took the average internet speeds in each state prior to