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Now You Can Watch TV Together With Friends On Facebook Messenger


Facebook just started rolling out a new feature to Messenger that lets you watch TV together with your friends. Aptly named Watch Together, the new feature for Messenger is a way for Facebook to join the trend of watch parties. Over the last few months, a number of services have added their own versions of these. Hulu, Disney , and more have already been offering a watch party option for a little while. But while Facebook may be a little later to that party, it's here now. And the company thinks you're going to love it. It's probably right. Watch Together for Facebook Messenger supports TV shows, movies, and uploaded videos The content isn't likely to be as vast as what Hulu offers, but

Razer Confirms Data Leak That May Have Exposed Customer Data


Razer has reportedly confirmed that it suffered a leak that may have exposed the data of some of its customers. The leak is said to have been noticed around the middle of August. Specifically on August 19. It was discovered by Security Researcher Bob Diachenko, who found that the Razer Store had a database that was not secured properly. Diachenko then reached out to Razer about the issue. And had a conversation with the company over the span of a few weeks. According to Diachenko, Razer was contacted immediately after the leak was discovered, but it took Razer more than three weeks to fix the problem. Razer data leak may have exposed various types of information A data leak is never a good thing

IKEA Might Make Your Next Gaming Chair In Partnership With ASUS


Swedish furniture brand IKEA has announced a partnership with ASUS and its Republic of Gamers brand that may lead to your next gaming chair. This morning the two companies confirmed that a deal will see the two working on designing and releasing various pieces of gaming furniture. IKEA is popularly known for its wide range of DIY furniture that is fairly affordable. Making it a go-to option for college kids and anyone looking to furnish their entire home or apartment for less money than furniture that's already built. IKEA's range of products covers essentially room in the home. Including everything from bedding to office equipment. One market it's never tapped into though is gaming. The timing also seems a little coincidental. As premium

Your Android Phone Will Play Nintendo Switch Games


Playing Nintendo Switch games on your Android phone is now a reality. Now you might think, "why would I want to play Nintendo Switch games on my Android phone when I already have a Switch or Switch Lite?" And if you already own one of the consoles, then you may not want to play the games you own for it on your phone. Both versions of the Switch are already portable. So that almost defeats the purpose of having or needing the games for them on your phone. That being said, your phone is ultimately more portable than either Switch. And the fact that it's even possible to play Switch games on your mobile device is the cool thing here. There is also

YouTube Shorts Announced To Compete With TikTok


YouTube has announced a short-form video format service / app to compete with TikTok, it’s called YouTube Shorts. This app allows you to shoot shorts videos on your mobile devices, and then share them. YouTube Shorts is coming to India first, in early beta Do note that not everyone can access the app just yet. Google is launching an early beta in India first. It will launch it with a handful of new creation tools in order to test it out. YouTube did promise that it will be adding more tools to the app as the development progresses. It will also expand the service to more countries in the coming months. The company highlighted that it’s looking forward to user feedback on this. This

Google Lens Gets Pixel Camera-Inspired Interface Redesign


Google is now revamping the Google Lens with a new update user interface which looks inspired by the Google Pixel's camera application. Notably, this new overhaul is being rolled out for the beta users of the app. As per 9to5Google, the new update brings an edge-to-edge user interface for the Google Lens UI. Notably, it gets rid of the large icons. These large icons were basically buttons for various filters for Google Lens. Besides, now with this Google Lens beta update, the app gets a fullscreen viewfinder with rounded corners. This gives the app a more modern feeling. Moreover, just as on the Google Pixel phones, the filters button is now placed at the bottom of the screen. In fact, the modes are

Google Meet For Android & iOS Gets Similar Redesign To Gmail App


Google is now revamping its Google Meet app with a new update for both Android and iOS platforms. Notably, the new refresh design of the Google Meet is similar to the Gmail app. Notably, the update went live for iOS first and is expected to be soon available for Android users. This piece of information was shared via an official Google blog. Moreover, as per the official blog, Google says that the Google Meet app is redesigned to give the users the same look and feel as that of the meeting experience in the Gmail app. Not only this but there are some other subtle changes brought via this new Google Meet update. The Google Meet app now shows two options on top

New Google Groups Update Will Reach Everyone On September 15


After a long wait, the new Google Groups update will finally become the default for all users. As announced by the company itself this will take place on September 15. The full implementation of this redesign has taken a while. A new interface for Google Groups first came to light way back in March. Then in August, the new interface began rolling out to users, this showed us all the new features and the improved clean interface available. At that stage, admins had the option of turning off the new interface. That option will now be removed for admins and the new modern interface will become the default for all users. Google says it may take a couple of days for this

TikTok Picks Oracle As Its “Trusted Tech Partner” In The US


Oracle has reportedly won the bid to manage TikTok's US operations. The California-based software company beats out another software giant Microsoft in the bidding process that was on for a better part of the past two months. Walmart was also reportedly interested in acquiring the popular short-form video-sharing app. ByteDance, the Chinese parent of TikTok, has selected Oracle as its "trusted tech partner" in the US,  The Wall Street Journal reports. The deal is likely not an outright sale, the report cites an unidentified person familiar with the matter. This suggests that TikTok will now operate over Oracle's cloud services in the US. This new operation structure should do enough to satisfy President Donald Trump's security concerns. The American government was of

Sony May Finally Unveil The PS5 Price Next Week


Sony announced this morning that it will be holding a PS5 showcase event next week, where it may finally unveil the price of the console. Ever since Sony and Microsoft revealed that their next-gen offerings would be arriving this holiday season, the price of the PS5 and the Xbox Series X have been a hot topic. Microsoft announced its prices earlier in the week after it unveiled the all-digital Xbox Series S. Leaving Sony's console price to be the sole mystery. This generally wouldn't be an issue with consumers. However Sony is expected to release the PS5 a couple of months from now. And people still don't know how much they will need to pay for it. But, maybe that's changing next week. Sony