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If You're Getting A PS5, You Might Want This WiFi 6 Router


The PS5 has WiFi 6, and if you plan to get one or if you already landed a pre-order, then you might want this new router from Netgear. It also has WiFi 6 and it's a dedicated gaming router, which means it'll be optimal for gaming on the PS5. That's assuming you won't have the PS5 connected through ethernet and will use a wireless connection. And if that's the case, then the Netgear Nighthawk XR1000 has loads of features that can benefit the gaming experience. Most of it boils down to the software and the features within it that you can use to customize your connectivity. Control bandwidth allocation for your PS5 with this WiFi 6-enagled router One of the bigger and more impactful

Hulu Brings Watch Party To Ad-Supported Viewers


Hulu's "co-viewing" feature, which the company calls Hulu Watch Party, is finally coming to its ad-supported subscription tier. The company is testing the feature for ad-supported viewers on comedy series "Pen15," whose season 2 premieres today. Hulu subscribers on both the ad-supported and ad-free plans will be able to watch together this series with up to seven other peoples. However, support for co-viewing of Pen15 will only be available for the next ten days, i.e. till September 27th. And as a reminder, users will have to be older than 18 to use Hulu Watch Party. In addition to this, Hulu is also re-designing its Watch Party interface, at least for this test. The interface now resembles a classic instant messenger chat room,

OnePlus All Set To Launch OnePlus 8T On October 14


If the latest sources are to be believed, OnePlus is all set to release its OnePlus 8T smartphone next month. Moreover, the device will be unveiled on October 14. Since the past few months, a lot of rumors and leaks have surfaced about the OnePlus 8T. And the device will finally be making its public appearance on October 14. Well, basically, OnePlus releases its T-series phones in September. But nothing has gone down according to plan in 2020. So is the launch of OnePlus's next T-series phone. This piece of information comes from MySmartPrice and well-known tipster Ishan Agarwal. However, the tipster adds that there can be last-minute changes due to the pandemic. But if all goes according to plan, OnePlus will definitely reveal

Creators Can Now Use AR Effects In Facebook Messenger and Portal


Facebook has extended the use of Augmented Reality (AR) effects to more people through Messenger and Portal. As reported by The Verge, up till now people have published 1 million AR effects on Facebook and Instagram but that is set to grow massively now. Facebook has worked on its AR effects for some time now its latest round of innovations recently emerging early in September. A focus on this will be a great relief to the high ups at Facebook. This is because it will detract from some of the scandals the company has faced in recent weeks. Most notably to the change to its user agreement which sparked anger amongst many users. Facebook will hope announcement like this will go some way

You Can Buy The Galaxy Tab S7 & S7+ Today


The world's first 5G-enabled tablet, the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7 are now available to buy. All three US carriers are selling the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7 . While, Best Buy and Amazon are selling the unlocked models. The Galaxy Tab S7 starts at $649. While the Galaxy Tab S7 is going to cost you $849. The 5G models will add on another $200. So that's $849 and $1049 respectively. Samsung's website is selling all models, the AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and unlocked versions. Carriers are offering smaller promotions on the Galaxy Tab S7 The carriers aren't offering any crazy promotions like BOGO. Instead, Verizon is offering $100 off when you trade in your current tablet. Which, let's

VIP SALE! Save an extra 40% on apps and software


We’re back with another limited-time sale for various items in the AndroidGuys Deals Store! This time around the VIP SALE, which runs September 18-21, is your chance to save an extra 40% on apps and software. The prices we have in the AG Deals Store are already really low, but we’re more than happy to offer a coupon code for more savings. Enter the coupon code VIPSALE40 at checkout and we’ll drop the price by an extra 40%. Valid September 18-21 Here’s a handful of some of the most popular apps and software in the AG Deals Store. Look around, though, there are a lot of choices and nearly all of them are eligible for the discount. The Social Distancing Lifetime Subscription Bundle Ft.

Beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC Traveller Headphones Review


Up for review today are the Lagoon ANC Traveller headphones from Beyerdnyamic. Priced about $250, you can get your hands on them today. How do they sound? Are they comfortable? What about the app experience? Read on to learn what we thought about these headphones. Design At first glance, there isn’t anything too special about the Beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC Traveller headphones. They are mainly made of plastic with accents of artificial leather on the padded earcups and headband. However, once you turn them on the light show begins with hidden lights inside of the earcups. The ring of light inside each earcup is activated by a sensor when removed and helps the Lagoon ANC Traveller headphones truly stand out. It is unfortunate that you

InvisibleShield Disinfecting Wipes review


There’s really no way around it, we live in a different world right now. A global pandemic has taken the lives of nearly 200,000 Americans in roughly six months. The majority of us are doing what we can to be a bit cleaner than we were previously. That includes washing our hands regularly, wearing masks out in public, and just doing the best we can to not spread a disease we may not even know we have. With that said, we need to remember that the thing we touch the most during the course of our day needs to be cleaned, too. I’m talking, of course, about our phones. There’s been an uptick of new devices such as mophie and InvisibleShield UV sanitizers

We’re hiring!


Looking for a side hustle with the summer season coming to an end? We’re on the lookout for a couple of new writers and we’d love to consider you for a position. For fall 2020 we’re adding to our news coverage team. As such, the role calls for time-sensitive content around the news and rumors in the Android and mobile space. The open position is part-time one and can often work with other schedules. Many of the writers we work with have families, school, and other obligations. Our aim is to provide an environment and culture that doesn’t detract from your normal routines. If you’re accepted, you’ll get an inside look at the Android space and learn how the tech blogging industry works.

VIP SALE! Save an extra 60% on these online training courses


One of the best things to come out of the pandemic is that it has given us more free time –time to explorer hobbies, passions, and new endeavors. For some that means a chance to learn how to code. Whether you’re just dabbling and tinkering or planning to dive deeper into a particular coding language, we’ve got your back. For a limited time (September 18-21), we’re knocking an extra 60% off the cost of our online training courses. So, if it’s Java, CompTIA, SQL, Python, or something else you’ve got in mind, you’ll want to check these incredible offers. Many of the courses offered include lifetime access and provide certification. Take this opportunity to leverage yourself for a pay raise or new career. Use