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NVIDIA Adds Support For Xbox Elite 2 Controller To SHIELD TV


Xbox Elite Wireles Series 2

NVIDIA has put out a new update for the SHIELD TV that adds support for the Xbox Elite 2 controller.

The support extends to older SHIELD TV models as well and not just the 2019 version of the device. Meaning you can now use the Xbox Elite 2 to play games if you prefer it over what NVIDIA initially offers.

In addition to the Xbox Elite 2 controller support, the update also includes support for the new remote. More specifically support for the new remote on older SHIELD TVs since the 2019 models already supported it.

The new remote was launched alongside the new SHIELD TV model last year. It features a slightly more comfortable design as well as additional buttons for more convenient use.

Support could extend to other controllers in the future

Now that the NVIDIA SHIELD works with the Xbox Elite 2, support could extend to other controllers down the road.

The console/Android TV device already supports a large list of controllers. As long as it’s Bluetooth, like the DualShock 4 or Xbox One S controllers, you should be able to connect it.

This could mean that the NVIDIA SHIELD will end up supporting controllers that come with the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Though that would all depend on if NVIDIA is still sending out updates to the older models when those consoles arrive.

The new NVIDIA SHIELD remote is available starting today

When NVIDIA launched the new TV models last year, they both came with the new remote. It wasn’t possible to buy it separately though.

That has all changed today now that NVIDIA has put out an update for older models which supports this new remote. In conjunction with that support the remote can now be purchased by itself to use with an older SHIELD TV model.

It retails for $30 on its own without the Android TV device. That being said, it seems NVIDIA is only selling on its own website. In addition to that it’s currently out of stock.

Attempting to buy the remote from NVIDIA only results in the ability to sign up for email notifications about when it’s back in stock. It would seem that quite a few consumers wanted the new remote. As it just went up for sale this morning and it’s already gone.

It’s possible that NVIDIA could have also had a low stock to begin with so it could gauge the interest of it. Now that it has sold out, NVIDIA knows it’s popular enough to make a lot more.

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